Weaker Section Development Society

institute of innovative technology transfer & environment

About Us

WSDS-initiate was established in the year 1989 by a group of like-minded educated youths who came together to work towards the cause of the weaker and marginalized section of the society whose legitimate rights were being denied and envisage making this section of society tread different ground.

The Vision of  WSDS-initiate is “to become the leading financial service provider in North Eastern Region by 2019”, with a Mission “to make a positive impact on the lives of the underserved by providing need based, affordable financial services”.

True to its vision and mission, the organization is striving towards creating a positive impact on the lives of its clientele by providing them the financial products which helps them prospered economically and socially by increasing asset base, increase in income level, reducing risk or vulnerability and show the means to empowerment.

Various development initiatives and efforts taken by WSDS-initiate primarily focus on institution building at the village level and capacity building as an ongoing process through various human and institutional development endeavors. Having gained an experience of more than eight years working in the field of developmental programmes through its various interventions and activities, WSDS-initiate now concentrates mainly on women empowerment by reducing the poverty level through the initiation of micro-credit and microfinance services. It has considered itself to be a part of present dynamic society and confers on to itself the responsibility to bring surmountable changes in the process towards eradication of poverty.

Microfinance movement over the last decade initiated by WSDS in Manipur has provided new hope to the underserved section of the society especially poor women to seek financial independence and provided them the tools to empowerment and sustainable livelihood. The microfinance programme of WSDS-initiate was started strongly based upon the traditional existing LOM (meaning GROUPS in Thadou-Kuki) and started facilitating the formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Joint Liability Groups (JLG) suited to the region and the local environment, besides building capacities to manage credit and micro-enterprises. It took up Microfinance activities as a ‘Growth Engine’ for the sustainability of the organization and to empowering the poor beneficiaries by mitigating the poverty level. Not only do the organization considered giving a new lease of life and a better future to the women of this North Eastern Region of India, specifically who are poor but economically active but it also takes it as a great challenge towards realizing the goal of socio-economic empowerment among these poor women through the implementation of Microfinance programme.

WSDS-initiate provides loans to women clients for meeting their working capital needs and other productive needs. WSDS has different types of loan products which are given through JLG and SHG methodology. The delivery of WSDS loans are flexible and mostly tailored to suit the requirements of the clients’ needs according to market segment, location based and types of activities.