Weaker Section Development Society

institute of innovative technology transfer & environment

The strategic objective

The strategic objective of WSDS-initiate is to provide financial and non-financial related services in reducing rural poverty especially among the rural women. It works towards women empowerment, particularly among the underserved section that is marginalised. In fact most of its funds current projects are dedicated in Manipur and Mizoram. It provides small scale credit and other products such as solar home lighting system among the rural women. WSDS-initiate was so established with the main emphasis of providing a mechanism for poor rural women towards seeking the goal of economic empowerment; provide an alternative means of seeking safe affordable sources for savings and capacity management of money through profitable investment opportunities.

Experience worldwide has shown that when microfinance reaches women, the benefits are particularly sustainable. Saving rates are higher, repayment rates are remarkable and enterprise growth is stronger showing improvement in child nutrition, family health and sanitation and general welfare of the society as a whole.