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Solar Lamps Disbursement

GREEN microfinance - linking energy with microfinance

WSDS-initiate, Manipur Launched Green Microfinance (Solar LED Lamp) funded by FRIENDS of WOMEN'S WORLD BANKING, INDIA and SMALL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT BANK OF INDIA in technical collaboration with THRIVE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES, HYDERABAD with Shri. D.S. Poonia, Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur as the Chief Guest on January 22, 2010.

The provision of solar loans has enriched the rural poor in such a manner that women could now engage more of their time in productive activities such as weaving, tailoring etc. besides helping their children in studying. It also limits the use of kerosene and accidental occurrences due to lighting candles. Hence over all expenses incurred by a client member in buying Kerosene and other forms of alternative lighting such as candles etc. is reduced at the same time making their live more comfortable and safe.

The Solar loans so provided are not disbursed in kinds for the sure assurance that the said loans are not diverted for other purposes by the clients. It is issued as a top up loan, meaning for existing members only, minimizing the relative transaction costs of servicing a small loan by itself. The mode of selecting a loan client for Solar Loan remains constant in align with the same procedures of SHG & JLG mode of Loan Repayment.

Despite the products small apparatus it have facilitated high volumes of loan disbursals and members often take multiple lights over time to fully illuminate their homes. As such by July 2012, as many as 12,128 lamps were disbursed for the rural poor’s consumption. To ensure for the smooth servicing and repairing of the solar lamp the organisation engage two technicians who are trained by Thrive at the Company’s offices in Hyderabad over a period of several weeks. WSDS-initiate for the convenience of its client members employed two technicians. Each technician is placed in Saikul and another at Imphal.

The repayment module for solar lamp are within a period of six months duration time. Each technician is placed in Motbung and another at Imphal. It was a revolutionary move for the rural underprivileged women as reliable source of lighting was Place in their hands. They now have the means to utilise their spare times substantially. They said that solar loans received wide spread popularity and so WSDS was compelled to disbursed the products batch wise. The availability of WSDS to the rural women has significantly improve their live as remark by one of the client members, Mrs Neipi Kipgen ‘After procuring the solar lamp, our household expenditures on fuel has considerably decreased, before the procurement, I spend s.35 to Rs. 40 per litre on kerosene every 3 days. Sometimes as kerosene is scares in the open market, I had to buy candles that cost Rs. 20 per pack of 6 candles. Now, I am in a position to use the fuel spend on kerosene to repay the instalment for solar loan with ease’.


Solar Home Lighting System

Seeing the felt needs of the people and its enthusiastic response from the members, WSDS-initiate further decides to improve its solar lighting products. Hence a new product of two types namely Solar Home Lighting System and Mini Solar Home Lighting System were added 2013.  The module of repayment tenure is 12 months on a reducing rate. The solar Home lighting yields more functionality, although   the cost is higher. The current solar loan will generate more solar energy for the rural poor’s consumption, thereby reducing the inconveniences of the previous solar lamp so distributed.  The Solar Home Lighting System so provided is funded by FWWB-India and is made available through SS Electronics, a local vendor in Imphal.  Besides, a member has the choice of selection now. Depending on the amount of solar capacity it could generate, two kinds of solar products are made available for the client members.