Weaker Section Development Society

institute of innovative technology transfer & environment

Management Team


Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Lamkhomang Kipgen is responsible for the representation and overall smooth functioning of the management of the institutions towards steering the Institution into a resilient and committed organisation. It is solely due to his foresight that WSDS-initiate has transformed as one of the leading institutions that the rural poor can bank upon. His commitment towards economic empowerment of women is his chief asset.

Internal Audit and Control Officer
For the endurances of an organisation to conduct smoothly the functions of the organisation an Internal and Audit Control is a must. The Internal and Audit Officer is headed by Mrs. Chongjakhol Kipgen, retired AGM of Vijaya Bank. She monitors the organisation adherence to company policies and procedures and suggests measures to combat anomaly. She executes financial audits to ensure the accuracy of accounts and reports, to ensure that employees follow the policies and procedures correctly such as credit evaluation, disbursement, and repayment procedures are being appropriately applied in all the branches. She identifies weak spots and ensures check and balance to ensure that WSDS’s internal controls are adapted to the new system introduced. She and her team visit the branch monthly for its monthly audit, which is thence submitted to the Board of Members after reporting its report to the CEO.

Chief Operating Officer
The overall functioning of the Operations department and its team is under the supervision of Mr. Seikhothang Haokip. His expertise lies in the areas of achieving motivation, and soft skill development. His expertise helped WSDS-initiate in grooming, development and leadership building of the Cluster Manager, Branch Head and its subsidiary Community Facilitators. He makes frequent visits to the branch offices and supervises their performances. He is assisted by an Operation Manager who relays the important and decisive action that needs to be intervened and implemented. He looks after the overall operational process of WSDS-initiate and plays an immense role in training clients about credit value and the benefits of Group organisation.

Operations Head
An articulate Finance & Business Development professional with a vast experience in microfinance industry in both NBFC-MFI and BC models with nationalised banks and financial institutes across finance, risks and operations, relationship management, business development, audit compliance, marketing and strategic planning, Mr. Shamim Akhter looks after the functioning, systems and processes of Operations in line with the Chief Operating Officer. He studies and develops process layout designs and systems as per the compliance process of the funders/investors from time to time. He develops digitalisation of the entire branches by linking them to a common hub i.e. the Administrative Office.

Finance Manager & IT/MIS
Mr. Phanjoubam Inaocha Singh is the current Finance Manager, who has been working for the success of this institution since its inception. His knowledge and expertise of long years of working has commensurate to the overall growth of the institution. He constantly makes the Institute gets adapted with continuous improvement, documentation and implementation. He is instrumental in strengthening and streamlining of the Information Technology & MIS. He is assisted by Assistant MIS officers. He is responsible to the Board for the Annual Audit of matters related to financial statements, cash flow management etc.
Ms. Konthoujam Ronita Devi, the account officer assists him in all matters pertaining to Audit, Taxation, Financial statement reviews & financial projections, release of loan, income and expenditure etc.

Human Resource Manager
The Human Resource Department is headed by the Human Resource Manager Mr. Gemson Shimray Awungshi and assisted by an Assistant Human Resource Manager under the guidance and supervision of the CEO. A polyglot, whose command over numerous language assists in communicating with the multicultural clients. He recruits, develops and motivates the staffs to accomplish the Organisation's mission. He strives to ensure the organization has the right people at the right time with the right skills and motivation to achieve the institution’s goals and objectives. He provides the locus of interaction between the MFI and its customers. He focuses on creating and maintaining a capable workforce, recruits, organise staff trainings for new and existing employee, adding new skills and knowledge and responsibility, supervision of employee’s performance.

Edify Program Coordinator
Edify, US based NGO providing MSME school loan and school transformation program. This program is looking after by Mr. Biakchungnunga Varte (Biaka), who completed his Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering and continue his profession on Master of Business Administration in the field of Human Resources and Marketing. He had previously working for P&A Associate as an architecture in web-base Company as Business Representative. This Edify program is function under the guidance of Chief Operating Officer and the Operations Head.

KIVA & MILAAP Co-ordinator
The position of KIVA & MILAAP Co-ordinator is currently under the overall command of Ms. Neipineng Sitlhou, who communicates with KIVA based in San Francisco, USA. She is responsible for the monthly profiling and uploading of all documentations and journals of the member clients to the KIVA and MILAAP websites. She is currently assisted by Mr. Alfred Lalruatdika for MILAAP client members of Aizawl Branch and Kolasib Branch in Mizoram.